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Hockley Pattern & Tool Co Ltd are pleased to announce they have just purchased the latest 3.5m Romer Scanning Arm to support both their manufacturing and Inspection departments.


The new Scanning Arm will be running Verisurf software which will enable Hockley to provide all their customers required needs such as colour mapping, reverse engineering and an on site Inspection service which Hockley will be offering to all their customers.

The ROMER Absolute Arm with external scanner is a modular high-end laser scanning platform designed for the HP-L-20.8 laser scanner from Hexagon Metrology. With the HP-L-20.8, the ROMER Absolute Arm offers first class performance even on complex surfaces and

work pieces made of the most challenging materials. Setting the laser according to surface colour or reflectivity is not required: the automatic laser control of the HP-L-20.8

automatically adapts to the surface conditions. HP-L-20.8 is also the first ever laser scanner with a zoom function, providing five different line widths.

Please don't hesitate in contacting Neil Williams for more information.

Office: 0121 561 4665  Email : [email protected]